Setting Up and Optimizing Your Google Business Profile [2024]

Learning To Optimize Your Google Business Profile

Imagine unlocking powerful Google marketing tools in less than 10 minutes. Enter Google My Business – it's free, simple to set up, and has the potential to drive significant traffic to your website or store from Google Search and Maps.

Together, let's create and optimize your Google Business Profile (as it's now called) and achieve full optimization within 6 minutes and 27 seconds (I timed it).

Discover how to keep your profile current and seamlessly integrate it into your marketing strategy.

Ready? Let's dive in!


Create a converting Google Business Profile with Reigns Media


What exactly is Google My Business, now referred to as Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile, a complimentary marketing tool from Google, empowers business owners to oversee their online presence on platforms like Google Search and Google Maps.

Upon establishing a Google Business Profile, essential business details such as location, services, and products are disseminated throughout Google, amplifying your visibility to potential customers during online searches.

Nearly all businesses, including those without a physical address like web-based product sellers, qualify for Google Business Profile.

The top three advantages of utilizing Google Business Profile.

When compiling search results for a location-based query (e.g., "Dentist West End"), Google relies on Google Business Profile details – including location, phone numbers, descriptions, etc. – to determine the most relevant businesses aligned with the searcher's intent. The most suitable matches secure top positions on the search results page.

This principle also applies to featuring local businesses in Google Maps searches......

Congratulations! You now possess a fundamental grasp of local SEO.

Establish credibility through Google Reviews.

Feedback serves as a crucial component of social validation and an impactful method for establishing trust and credibility in the digital realm.

Even if users don't delve into the details of your reviews, the prominently displayed 1-5 star rating beneath each business result significantly influences their decision to explore your business.

Concerned about maintaining a flawless streak of 5-star reviews? No need to worry. Google perceives a blend of positive and negative reviews as more genuine and reliable, ultimately enhancing your ranking.

Oversee your business details online.

Feel empowered – update your Google Business Profile details whenever you need. This ensures you have full control over how your business information, including hours and contact number, appears online. This control facilitates seamless communication with potential customers, ensuring they reach out to you using the most up-to-date contact details.

Beyond being a centralized hub for search engines and Google Maps, your Google Business Profile also functions as a dynamic bulletin board. Share essential business updates, such as unexpected closures or temporary hour changes, and provide service details through posts. These posts become an integral part of your profile, visible to anyone searching for you on Google Search or Maps.

Setting up your Google My Business listing: a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Access your Google Business Profile

To utilize Google Business Profile, a Google account is necessary. If you don't have one yet, go ahead and create it.

It's advisable not to use your personal Google account for this setup. You might want to grant access to others in the future, and it's more convenient to manage this from a dedicated work account.

Step 2: Input your business details

After signing in, Google Business Profile will prompt you to provide your business name. Enter the name and click Continue.

Step 3: Choose your business category

You're eligible to register for Google Business Profile if you engage in online sales, operate from a physical location, or offer in-person services to your customers. Feel free to choose all applicable options.

Once completed, click Next.

Step 4: Input your address and/or target locations

If your business operates solely online, Google will request your website. For both online and brick-and-mortar businesses, you must input the country where you're registered. This may or may not be the same as the country of your physical location. If you have a physical address, you'll provide that information (with the option to add your website URL and additional details later). 

You might also be prompted to place a marker on a map for precise location accuracy. If your business lacks a physical storefront but provides in-person services or deliveries, you can outline your service areas. Click Next when you're finished. If you haven't entered a physical address, Google will prompt you to specify your base region. Choose from the dropdown menu and click Next.

Step 5: Include your contact details

You have the option to include a website, phone number, or both. These details will be visible to the public on your profile.

Step 6: Authenticate your business

Even if you lack a physical business location, you must input a mailing address for verification. Following that, opt for either a verification code sent via email or the unique option of recording a brief video demonstrating your business activities as evidence of your business existence. While the choice of a video verification might seem unconventional compared to a straightforward email code, the decision is yours.

I personally opted for the email code. Once received, enter the code and click Verify. Successful verification grants you the ability to publicly respond to customer reviews, utilize messaging features, and more.

[Note: Verification of your address with Google may be required during setup to ensure the legitimacy of your location.]

Step 7: Optimize your Google Business Profile

Now, incorporate additional details to maximize the effectiveness of your profile. While all of these are optional, if they pertain to your business, ensure to complete them.


Numerous strategies exist to enhance your Google My Business profile beyond the choices provided in the setup screen. The following section goes into more additional optimization aspects.

Enhancing your Google Business Profile for Optimal Results

Completing your profile information isn't a shortcut to immediate search result prominence. However, having a fully filled Google Business Profile significantly increases the likelihood of standing out—2.7 times more likely, to be precise. Moreover, businesses with complete profiles are 70% more likely to attract visits compared to those with incomplete information.

Google assesses local search rankings based on three key factors:

  • Relevance: The extent to which your profile aligns with search intent.
  • Distance: The proximity of your location to the user.

Prominence: The level of recognition your business holds, influenced by factors like the number of reviews, review score, and other SEO ranking elements.

Utilize unique attributes where applicable

Certain business categories, such as restaurants, hotels, and services, enjoy access to exclusive features:

  • Hotels can showcase star-class ratings, sustainability details, on-site amenities, check-in and out times, and a direct booking link.
  • Restaurants and bars can upload menus, dish photos, and manage reservations and online orders directly from search.
  • Service businesses can highlight a list of offered services.
  • U.S. healthcare providers can provide health insurance information and facilitate online appointment bookings.

Beyond these specific instances, various types of buttons are available to most businesses, including appointment booking, reservation links, and online ordering.

Moreover, businesses have the flexibility to add attribute "labels” to their listings, conveying essential information. For instance, indicating if the business operates by appointment only or promoting a welcoming environment by sharing details about wheelchair accessibility, free Wi-Fi, outdoor seating, or identifying as women-owned and/or 2SLGBTQI+ friendly. To modify these labels, navigate to your dashboard, click Edit profile, and scroll down to the More section where you can manage these attributes.

Incorporate authentic images of your establishment

Images play a vital role in capturing attention and sparking interest in search results. For brick-and-mortar establishments, capturing compelling photos of your business in action is key.

If photography isn't your forte, consider enlisting a professional for a photo shoot. Utilize these captivating images across your social media platforms, including Google Business Profile, and on your website. Alternatively, engage your audience by organizing a contest, encouraging customers to submit their best photos in exchange for a gift card or product.

According to Google, businesses with photos tend to receive more requests for directions and increased clicks to their websites.

During the setup process, you have the opportunity to add a cover photo and additional images.

Alternatively, include or modify photos directly from your Google Business Profile dashboard.

Incorporate a personalized description

Include a tailored description of up to 750 words that will be visible across various Google services, including search and Maps. Leverage this opportunity to highlight the distinctive aspects of your business, emphasizing what sets you apart rather than merely listing your services.

Incorporate relevant keywords into your profile

Enhance the discoverability of your business by incorporating pertinent keywords into your Google My Business profile. Unsure about the keywords to include? Explore popular searches using Google Trends.

A practical starting point is to identify keywords that people are already using to discover your business. Extract these from Google Analytics reports for free, or leverage tools like Hootsuite Insights and advanced social monitoring to unveil additional terms used by people to find your business.

The objective is not to inundate your profile with an excess of keywords solely for the sake of rankings. It's crucial to seamlessly integrate them into your content. Remember, keyword stuffing is a dated practice and can potentially harm your rankings.

Final Reflections

Embarking on the journey of setting up and optimizing your Google Business Profile opens the gateway to powerful Google marketing tools in under 10 minutes. This free and user-friendly tool has the potential to drive substantial traffic to your website or store, courtesy of Google Search and Maps.

Picture this: crafting and fine-tuning your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) for full optimization within 6 minutes and 27 seconds. Timed and tested, this guide will reveal how to keep your profile current and seamlessly integrate it into your overarching marketing strategy. Ready for the plunge? Let's dive in!

Google Business Profile, a complimentary marketing tool, empowers business owners to wield control over their online presence on platforms like Google Search and Google Maps. Whether your business operates with a physical address or solely online, Google Business Profile is designed to accommodate a diverse range of businesses, offering a robust solution for web-based product sellers and brick-and-mortar establishments alike.

Top three key advantages come into play when leveraging Google Business Profile:

  • Optimize for Local SEO: In location-based searches, Google utilizes profile details to match intent, ensuring your business is prominently displayed in search results and Google Maps.
  • Flexible Business Oversight: Keep your business details up to date effortlessly, offering potential customers the most accurate and recent information. Beyond a central hub for search engines, your profile acts as a dynamic bulletin board for sharing essential updates and service details.
  • Establish Credibility through Reviews: Customer reviews serve as a vital element for social validation, contributing significantly to building trust and credibility in the digital landscape. A blend of positive and negative reviews is perceived as authentic by Google, boosting your overall ranking.

The step-by-step guide to setting up your Google Business Profile covers everything from creating an account to optimizing your profile for optimal results. The process includes inputting your business details, choosing categories, providing contact information, and verifying your business through a straightforward email code or, if you prefer, a unique video verification option.

Optimizing your profile goes beyond the setup screen options.

Strategies include incorporating relevant keywords seamlessly into your content, utilizing unique attributes where applicable, and adding authentic images that resonate with your audience. Furthermore, the guide emphasizes the importance of a personalized description that goes beyond mere service listings, showcasing the uniqueness of your business.

The journey concludes with a call to action: Take charge of your online presence, harness the power of Google marketing tools, and elevate your business to new heights through a thoughtfully optimized Google Business Profile. The opportunities are boundless, and the impact is immediate. Cheers to unlocking the full potential of your digital presence!